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We offer four seperate yoga modalities Antigravity® Yoga, Yayso Yoga, Acro Yoga and Thai Yoga (private only) classes, available 5 days a week.


Our School is located in South Fort Myers near Estero, just off of Alico Rd.

Classes at Yayso Yoga

Guru David Gallaher“Yoga should be shared amongst everybody, not one denomination or cultural background.”
- David Gallaher


YaysoYoga Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Schedule subject to change or cancellation without notice. Unlimited Classes are still subject to availability - meaning the school must be open and the class not full. Monthly contracts require a 30-day cancellation, in writing.  No refunds on any type of yoga class purchases.  We are unable to freeze your contract for any reason.  *IMPORTANT*, Antigravity Classes require 12 hour notice for cancellation if you reserved a spot. Antigravity / Acro Yoga Classes require a minimum of two people, please be sure to claim your spot early to help prevent class cancellation.