Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga, one of the finest therapies of rejuvenating one’s energy, is a non-aggressive approach to healing the human body. This specialty yoga deals with the understanding of the body’s core meridians, the source of energy which flows through the body. Thai Yoga offers an intuitive, holistic approach to well-being.

Thai YogaThai Yoga is often referred to as “the lazy man’s yoga” because most of the stretching and poses are yoga-based and is complementary to Ayurvedic practice. Thai Yoga, like standard Yoga, was also founded in India. It may also be referred to as “assisted yoga.” During a Thai Yoga session, the practitioner assists the client into deeper alignment in an effort to reach positions beyond one’s ability through independent yoga.

When a practitioner starts the therapy, he starts with a state of mind, a pure mind, based on the principles of love. This should be communicated throughout the session. In Vedic Thai yoga you will wear comfortable clothing that is allows the body to freely move without restraint. Traditionally, Thai yoga is performed on a large comfortable mat which gives you, the receiver, and optimal comfort with full body support. This open comfortable pad also allows the practitioner to move freely around and or above you while effectively using bodyweight and mechanics. Thai Yoga isn’t performed just in a laying down position. The practitioner uses a variety of positions such as prone, supine, side lying, and seated positions in order to fully satisfy your specific needs.

Thai Yoga has numerous benefits when conducted properly by a trained professional. Some of these benefits include the release of muscular tension, improved circulation, release of mental and emotional stress, a boosted immune system, balanced energy pathways, increased resistance to injury, improved range of motion, and most importantly Thai yoga deepens the connection between the mind and body.

Traditionally, Thai yoga sessions last 90 minutes for $120.00.
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Thai Yoga is provided in Private Sessions only.


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