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Ayurveda is a distinctive therapy that focuses on discovering the body through observation of the body, uses pulse and tongue examination to determine what is going on inside the body. It is a holistic, natural way of treating the body by ways of herbal supplementation, Thai Yoga, Yoga, and diet. Ayurvedic medicine is centered around the belief that condition and wellness depend on a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The prime focus is to promote physical wellness and inner harmony.


Ayurvedic Medicine is not a science of denial but a science of life that will give you many keys to unlocking your full potential and help set you free from all types of bondage and self-sabotage.  Ayurvedic Medicine treats the body not the disease through herbal, supplementation, essential oil therapy, Marma therapy (seen in photo), Abyanga therapy, Nasya therapy, and Sirodhara therapy.

In Abyanga therapy, the practitioner uses natural oils during sessions to ease pain and reduce fluid accumulation which aids in the removal of toxic accumulations. This type of treatment is usually done in a 60 minute sessions with a well-trained practitioner.  Abyanga therapy is known for improving circulation, cellular regeneration, and sound sleep.

In Nasya therapy, the practitioner administers natural oils to the nostrils after assuring that the eyes remain protected from heat. Nasya therapy treats the accumulation of elements in the nasal sinuses. This therapy also aids in enhanced vision, hearing, and smelling, and induces sound sleep. Nasya therapy strengthens the neck and shoulder muscles, along with treatment of nasal congestion, dental problems, ear and eye disease, facial paralysis, migraines, and cervical degeneration.

Sirodhara therapy is considered one of the most important in Ayurvedic therapy. In Sirodhara therapy, the head is considered the root of the body. During this therapy, natural oils, and herbal extracts flow as a continuous stream over the upper portion of the forehead. This is accompanied by a gentle massage over the scalp which stimulates the pineal gland whose purpose is to produce serotonin and melatonin. These hormones are responsible for regulating the body’s mood and sleep. Sirodhara therapy aids in the improvement in diseases that relate directly to the body’s emotions such as, chronic depression, insomnia, loss of memory, and panic attacks. Overall this treatment is for a mental relaxation.

My experience in Ayurvedic medicine has really strengthened my resolve to be a positive influence in the world. Cultivating an orchard is difficult work taking long hours, but it makes the fruit that much sweeter.

If you are in the Fort Myers area please contact me for a consultation that will help map out a greater you. The decisions that we make today directly influence what happens in our future. Positive thoughts that are applied will bring you a good harvest. They are like beautiful flowers to the mind and heart. Applying negative thoughts will begin to encourage powerful weeds that will strangle out your full potential.

The world needs all the greatness that you can offer. If you did not receive positive affirmation from your parents growing up then make sure you become the parent that looks for opportunities to praise your children rather than mimicking the critical parent to which you were subjected. Cultivate an environment that is nourishing for you and all those around you. Look for small opportunities to encourage others. A smile can make someone’s day. These small gestures can be passed forward if you take a second to inventory your behavior.


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