Health Consultations

The terms “Sigong,”  “Sifu,” and “Guru” refer to a person who has a solid understanding of life and the many struggles a person may endure. Both Sifu and Guru represent a type of father or teacher, a person who possesses extensive knowledge of many subjects. Sigong, an even higher level,  is more of a grandfather figure who has attained a higher level of wisdom. A successful teacher must possess a wide spectrum of characteristics, both innate and acquired. He must possess emotional stability,  be spiritually awakened, as well as a offer a keen sense of awareness.  Oftentimes, this personality type can be found as a Yoga teacher, martial arts teacher, as well as within pastoral positions.

Sigong Gallaher offers herbal nutrition consultation sessions. Working one-on-one with you, Sigong will establish clear, attainable nutrition and lifestyle goals catered to each individual body’s needs. These consultations comprise a review of your health and wellness, exercise routine, nutrition and diet history, as well as your short and long term objectives. Whether you are new to nutrition or a novice practitioner, Sigong will assist in actualizing your physical, mental, and spiritual potential. Call today and ask about our special promotions for private lessons!

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Thai Yoga, one of the finest therapies of rejuvenating one’s energy, is a non-aggressive approach to healing the human body. This specialty yoga deals with the understanding of the body’s core meridians, the source of energy which flows through the body.
Ayurveda is a distinctive therapy that focuses on discovering the body through observation of the body, uses pulse and tongue examination to determine what is going on inside the body. It is a holistic, natural way of treating the body by ways of herbal supplementation, Thai Yoga, Yoga, and diet.


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