What is “Yayso Yoga?”

In Cantonese, “Yayso” means God. Yayso Yoga is a unification of oneself with their spirit. Yoga was created in India. Yayso Yoga founder David Gallaher studied a variety of yoga styles following his many travels throughout the world. David Gallaher is also a Grandmaster in martial arts at the Gung Fu Institute in Fort Myers.

What are the benefits of Yayso Yoga?

The physical benefits of Yayso Yoga are abundant. From flexibility, improved digestion, and posture to muscle toning and balance, Yayso Yoga is fantastic for everybody. In addition, Yayso Yoga offers many mental benefits including the following: mental focus, stamina, pushing oneself beyond preconceived limits, self-confidence, and treatment of depression.

Who Should take Yayso Yoga?

Yayso Yoga is excellent for anybody seeking mental and physical wellness. All poses can be customized to each individual’s ability. Modifications will be offered in every class.

What Do I Need to Prepare for Class?

First and foremost, bring a good, loving attitude! Be sure to arrive to class prepared with a mat, practice rug/large towel, and a hand towel. Blocks and a strap are recommended for beginners. Come well hydrated and with an empty stomach and arrive to class about 10 minutes before starting time. All yoga gear can be purchased at the academy.

Can My Kids Take Yoga?

Yes!  Yayso Yoga is available for teens and up. Our kids martial arts programs also incorporate a lot of yoga into their practice.

Is Yayso Yoga a cardiovascular workout?

No matter your fitness level, you will find Yayso Yoga classes to be a stimulating workout challenge that exceeds a cardiovascular workout. The combination postures which focus on flexibility, strength and balance are designed to work the entire body. With persistence and commitment you can lose weight, enhance muscle tone, develop strength and become even more flexible than with other forms of exercise. The benefits of Yayso Yoga extend far beyond meditative and stress relief!

How often should I practice Yayso Yoga?

An effective yoga practice requires discipline and commitment. A practice of two to three days per week, if steady, will create transformation over time. Your results are dependent upon your dedication to the practice. Yoga is a journey that offers substantial results.

What should I wear to Yayso Yoga class?

All “Yogis” should wear comfortable athletic wear that does not confine or inhibit movement.

What if I’m not that flexible?

You do not have to be flexible to begin a yoga class as all poses can be catered to your individual level of flexibility. Yoga enables you to lengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility all the while offering you the ultimate benefit of yoga, harmonious unity of body and spirit.

What else should I know before my first class?

Be sure to turn off your cell phone before you arrive and refrain from making excessive noise. Respect the presence of others and plan to attend and complete the entire class. Remember that consistency is imperative to reaping the benefits of yoga!


YaysoYoga Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Schedule subject to change or cancellation without notice. Unlimited Classes are subject to availability -. Monthly contracts require a 30-day cancellation, in writing.  We are unable to freeze any Yayso contract. 
*IMPORTANT*, Antigravity Classes require 12 hour notice for cancellation if you reserved a spot. Antigravity / Acro Yoga Classes require a minimum of two people, please be sure to claim your spot early to help prevent class cancellation.