Vedic Thai Yoga

Treat yourself to a wonderful experience by receiving a Vedic Thai session. I’m always striving to attain the best Thai education to bring my clients. This includes all of the famous stretching techniques as well as working with the energy lines (Sen Lines)  to give you the best experience possible.

When the Sen Lines become blocked a Thai therapist works with the bodies energy to help release stagnant trapped energy. Sen Lines can be blocked through improper eating, poor life choices, anxiety, even trauma (both mental and physical).

Thai Yoga and Ayurveda therapy are some of the holistic work that I do to help people live an abundant life. I am offering $25 off of your first session through the month of December.


YaysoYoga Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Schedule subject to change or cancellation without notice. Unlimited Classes are subject to availability -. Monthly contracts require a 30-day cancellation, in writing.  We are unable to freeze any Yayso contract. 
*IMPORTANT*, Antigravity Classes require 12 hour notice for cancellation if you reserved a spot. Antigravity / Acro Yoga Classes require a minimum of two people, please be sure to claim your spot early to help prevent class cancellation.