Be True to Yourself

The accomplishments we achieve in this world will carry minimum impact to the person living behind their outward mask. If we are going to be true to ourselves and to others, we must find our undiscovered self, the one that we choose to hide from the rest of the world. People can see the true radiant beauty you possess on the inside when you remove insecurity and are honest with yourself. You may be asking, “How can I do that?” or, “I don’t have any time for change.” The greatest scientists and poets or world changers like Mother Theresa and Jesus all had the same amount of time in the day as we have. As you read this brief personal note from me take time to reflect. What is in your life that is not producing good fruit? Maybe it is time to try new cultivation. If you feel negative and are full of pessimism, review what you listen to, watch, and read on a daily basis. How is your self-talk? You must first love yourself before you can love others. The love must be pure, not the selfish type of love, if you wish to powerfully impact others. If your love tank is empty all of the “letters” and degrees that you put next to your name will mean very little.


I am sitting here contemplating and reflecting on my future, asking God for revelation. I often hear my students ask me how I have been able to accomplish so much. The answer is that I see life like navigating through the ocean waves on a surfboard. Sometimes you jump up and ride the wave. With experience we gradually learn how to read the movement of the ocean. Then there are other times you just wait, watch, and feel with all of your senses. Waiting to seize the next opportunity, and ride the best wave in the set. There are some types of educational systems that seem to endeavor to prevent you from discovering your inner self and becoming more than the average person with average thoughts. They want you to have the herd mentality and conformity is their banner. In some cases institutions will want you to practically fall down and worship their learning methods.


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