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Every thought you nurture will eventually be harvested. Be careful what you sow.
In our modern world, we often forget the benefits of the old fashioned, natural and best way of nurturing ourselves. We are very busy running our businesses, swamped in day-to-day routine. We get stressed, we get burned out – take some Advil and keep on going – ignoring the body’s signs that the life that we lead is far from healthy. Suppressing natural signs and triggers is unhealthy and can lead to a multitude of illnesses.
The accomplishments we achieve in this world will carry minimum impact to the person living behind their outward mask. If we are going to be true to ourselves and to others, we must find our undiscovered self, the one that we choose to hide from the rest of the world. People can see the true radiant beauty you possess on the inside when you remove insecurity and are honest with yourself.
A review of our Acro Yoga class from new students
A Vedic Thai Yoga experience is unlike any yoga. Thai Yoga is beneficial in many ways.
This is a beginner workshop. The first half will be an intro to handstands. Second half will focus on progressing out of handstands, into L basing hand-to-hand.


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