Yayso Yoga is part of the The Gung Fu Institute network of health, fitness, and self-defense services and is conveniently located in our state-of-the-art facility off of Alico Road in South Fort Myers. Our bi-level edifice boasts smooth, contoured floor mats throughout which are ideal for stabilization, performance, and safety. These mats, unique to the Institute, allow “Yogis” to attain relaxation while incorporating more comfortable postures. The bottom level also includes securing rigging for our Antigravity® aerial yoga canopies. 

Yayso Yoga is a unification of oneself with their spirit. “Yoga,” created in India, is a Sanskrit word meaning union of body, mind, and spirit. It is about nurturing an introspective mind absent from all external influences.  In Cantonese, “Yayso” means God.  Our Yayso Yoga class combines physical activity with breathing exercises to enhance focus, stabilize balance, reduce stress, control weight, and increase flexibility in a non-threatening, placid environment.

Yayso Yoga founder David Gallaher, who has studied a variety of yoga styles following his many travels throughout the world, has been teaching the concepts and principles of body mechanics and dynamic stretching to youth and adults for over 25 years. Yoga is a great class for women, men and children in quest of a more fluid yoga practice with prominence on stable movements between postures. Instructor David Gallaher believes that anyone can do Yoga with the right instructor, patience, and a great attitude!


YaysoYoga Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Schedule subject to change or cancellation without notice. Unlimited Classes are subject to availability -. Monthly contracts require a 30-day cancellation, in writing.  We are unable to freeze any Yayso contract. 
*IMPORTANT*, Antigravity Classes require 12 hour notice for cancellation if you reserved a spot. Antigravity / Acro Yoga Classes require a minimum of two people, please be sure to claim your spot early to help prevent class cancellation.